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OSH Forum at Geneva Health Forum


The Geneva Health Forum is the forum that brings together key actors to help find solutions to global health challenges. Created in 2006, it is organized by the Geneva University Hospitals and the University of Geneva in partnership with 30 global multisectoral organizations, with the overall goal to contribute to improving health and care access in the world.

OSH Forum session at the Geneva Health Forum

Implementing the One Health approach: what is being done?

Date: 4th May, 2022 14:30 – 15:30 (GMT+1)

As defined by the One Health High Level Expert Panel, coordinated by the Tripartite Plus, One Health is an integrated, unifying approach that aims to sustainably balance and optimize the health of people, animals and ecosystems. The implementation of this transversal approach to tackle contemporary and future health emergencies, but also to promote better health, requires the collaboration of stakeholders from the public and private sectors, from multilateral organisations and, even more importantly, to local communities.

While highlighting the core role of health in the implementation of the UN 2030 SDGs and beyond, the One Sustainable Health Forum aims to produce concrete recommendations for the operationalisation of the One Health approach through a transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral framework, including experts and organisations. Here, members of the International Working Groups (IWG), launched in July 2021, will offer insight on what is being done in this field with the objective of proposing a progressive pathway towards the sustainable implementation of the One Health approach.

 Discover our pannel !

  • Benoit MIRIBEL - OSH Forum Secretary General - Opening
  • Natalia CEDIEL BECERRA - La Salle University & Member of the OHHLEP - Overview
  • Armelle HÉBERT - SciencesPo - IWG1
  • Namukolo COVIC - International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) - IWG 2
  • Amandine GAUTIER - VetAgroSup - IWG 3
  • Hélène DELISLE - Université de Montréal - IWG 4
  • Rhoda WANYENZE - Makerere University School of Public Health - IWG 5
  • Juan LUBTROTH - Lubtroth One Health Consultancies & Lancet One Health Commission - IWG 6
  • Chris WALZER - Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) - Synthesis
  • Benoit MIRIBEL - OSH Forum Secretary General - Closing
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Discover our interviews

  • Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,
    Director-General of WHO.

  • Stéphanie SEYDOUX,
    French Ambassador for Global Health.

  • Prof. Jean François MATTEI,
    Honorary President of the French Academy for Medicine and former French Minister of Health.

  • Dr. Thierry Lefrançois, Veterinarian,
    Director, Biological Systems Department at CIRAD.
  • Benoît MIRIBEL, secrétaire général de la Fondation « Une Santé Durable pour Tous », dans le cadre du Geneva Health Forum
  • Runa KHAN, Founder & Executive Director. Friendship.
    Présidente d’honneur de la Démarche OSH.
  • Table ronde du CFF : des fragilités environnementales aux fragilités humaines, une approche transversale indispensable.

    Honorary Supporters

    • Babette SIMON

      Babette SIMON

      Babette Simon is Professeur associé at the Faculté de Santé, Université de Paris and has wide national and international experience across the health system in non-private and private organizations with a strong focus on sustainability, innovation and value in health.

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    • Runa KHAN

      Runa KHAN

      Founder & Executive Director. Friendship.

      Honorary President of the OSH Forum Approach.

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    • Patrice DEBRE

      Patrice DEBRE

      Emeritus Professor of Immunology at the Sorbonne University of Paris and member of the Medicine Academy of France.

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    • Detlev GANTEN

      Detlev GANTEN

      Professor Detlev Ganten, MD, PhD. is Founding President of the World Health Summit and Chairman of the Board of the Charité Foundation.

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    • Jean-Christophe RUFIN

      Jean-Christophe RUFIN

      Médecin, engagé dans l’action humanitaire, Jean-Christophe Rufin a occupé plusieurs postes de responsabilités à l’étranger, notamment celui d’ambassadeur de France au Sénégal.

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