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Our 3 events organized during the World Health Summit 2022

Between the 15th and 18th of October, the One Sustainable Health for All Foundation participated to the World Health Summit 2022 (WHS 22), co-organised with the World Health Organisation (WHO), to host impactful sessions and benefit from networking opportunities to develop both the One Sustainable Health (OSH) Forum and the One Europe for Global Health (OEGH) coalition. This initiative contributes to the strong partnership between the World Health Summit and the One Sustainable Health for All Foundation which began in October 2020.

On Sunday October 16th, OEGH organized a Workshop in the main program of the World Health Summit, "One Voice for a European Global Health and One Health Strategy."

This event was co-chaired by Rhoda Wanyenze (Dean of Makerere University School of Public Health) and Ole Petter Ottersen (President of the Karolinska Institutet), and was moderated by Benoit Miribel (Secretary General of the One Sustainable Health for All Foundation). Speakers were Karin Sipido (Professor of Medicine and Head of Experimental Cardiology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Michel Kazatchkine (Member of think tank Santé Mondiale 2030, Special Advisor to the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe), Clemens Auer (President of the European Health Forum Gastein), Helia Molina Milman (Member of Parliament, Chile), Alena Šteflová (Member of the Board, Czech Medical Association of J.E.P.), John Ryan (Deputy Director General of Health and Food Safety at the European Commission), and with special appearances from Anders Nordström (Ambassador for Global Health, Sweden) and Stephanie Seydoux (Ambassador for Global Health, France). Speakers gave their inputs as to what Global Health priorities should be, and what to target in the upcoming new EU Global Health Strategy.

This event was co-chaired by Prof. Babette Simon (Université de Paris Cité) and Dr. Francesco Branca, (WHO). Featured speakers were Andrea Winkler (Lancet One Health Commission), Nigel Swift (Boehringer Ingelheim), Adeline Lescanne-Gauthier (Nutriset), Amadou Sall (Pasteur Institute), Jens Nielsen (World Climate Foundation), Rebecca Stevens Alder (Sanofi), and Dagmar Mundani (Siemens Healthineers). The speakers presented their current commitment and the importance of a multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach while expressing "open minds and open hearts", as concluded by Dr. Branca, towards the implementation of One Health.

 Later that afternoon, OEGH hosted a second event, entitled "Building a European Health Union: Taking Responsibilities for Global Health." The co-chairs were Awa Marie Coll Seck (Minister of State, President of the Republic of Senegal), Gunhild Waldemar (President, Biomed Alliance), Detlev Ganten, and Benoit Miribel. This side-event gathered over 20 speakers, from a diversity of sectors with represention from civil society, academia, private organizations and the public sector. There was a clear call for action, with an emphasis on how we may create a Global Health implementation plan that includes One Health.

These 3 initiatives contribute to the strong partnership between the World Health Summit and the One Sustainable Health for All Foundation following the commitment signed on October 2020.

On Tuesday, October 19th, Benoit Miribel, spoke on behalf of the OSH Forum during the PREZODE - LOHC - OSH Forum workshop “Lessons learned from COVID-19: Preventing zoonotic diseases emergence”. This session highlighted the need for a One Health approach to 

prevent emergence of infectiousdisease and can be watched via the button.

The WHS 22 also provided a unique opportunity to meet some of the OSH Forum and OEGH coalition members in person. Thank you all for your commitment and we hope to meet again soon!

Video of the workshop

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