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A collective initiative

At the end of the event organized on February 8th in Lyon to promote recommendations for the construction of a Europe of Health, most of the stakeholder organizations expressed their wish to see this initiative continue during the next EU presidencies.

It was decided to transform the February 8th initiative in Lyon into a “One Europe for Global Health” coalition. This action fits well with the mission of the One Sustainable Health for All Foundation, which aims to promote synergies between public and private actors in favour of sustainable health for all. Health is not yet a shared competence in Europe and the Covid-19 pandemic has shown the interest of having a strong and organized Europe to face its health challenges together. Several events have addressed the issue of European health at the EUFP, and an EESC report on the subject was adopted in plenary on April 12th. There is a real interest in developing a One Europe for Global Health coalition with all the various European professional organizations concerned. This will speed up the construction of a Europe of Health, which can only be achieved in practice with the involvement of civil society, in the context of the development of health democracy.

During the World Health Summit (WHS) in Berlin in mid-October, the Foundation will host two sessions organized by the "One Europe for Global Health" coalition in conjunction with Czech organisations, whose country holds the EU presidency during the second half of 2022. Then, during the Swedish presidency in the first half of 2023, a session will be organised in Stockholm on 9th February in partnership with the Karolinska Institutet.




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