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World Health Summit 2023

The Sustainable Health for All Foundation took part in the World Health Summit in Berlin from October 15 to 17, 2023, organizing two sessions:

- A round table "Towards a Sustainable Health Institute" organized by members of professional civil society involved in the OEGH coalition and representatives of member states. The focus was on the creation of a multi-center "One Sustainable Health Institute" initiated by Europe.
- A session on "Tackling One Sustainable Health Challenges – Facing Health, Environmental and Social Issues Together", co-organized by the Lancet One Health Commission and the One Sustainable Health Forum. The two entities began their activities two years ago, each focusing on complementary aspects of the impact and implementation of One Health. They presented the essence of their respective recommendations.

Towards a One Sustainable Health institute

Our session "Towards a One Sustainable Health institute” held at the World Health Summit, was organized by the One Europe for Global Health (OEGH) Coalition. This strategic, by invitation only roundtable, brought together leaders and policy influencers from over 15 countries to engage in a fruitfuldiscussion about the institutionalization, financing, and governance of the One Sustainable Health (OSH) framework.

During this pivotal event, several compelling strategies were deliberated upon to transition from mere conceptualization to effective action within the framework of One Health :

👉 Empowering Youth Leadership : galvanizing the energy and enthusiasm of Youth, thereby cultivating a new generation of health leaders who are acutely aware of the intricate challenges that global health presents.

👉 Multistakeholder Engagement : recognizing the necessity of diverse perspectives, the event urged participants from various sectors and regions to collaborate. This inclusivity sought to bridge not only the gap between the global north and south but also to celebrate the invaluable experience and contributions of the global south.

👉 Promoting Collaborative Integration : the concept of "integrative collaboration" was highlighted, underlining the importance of harnessing the collective power of communities and stakeholders to advance the OSH vision.

👉 Tailored Training Initiatives : acknowledging the need for specialised training, the event proposed the development of targeted educational programs designed to instill a deep understanding of the One Sustainable Health approach.

👉 Transdisciplinary Synergy : Strengthening transdisciplinarity was emphasized to harmonize the knowledge and expertise of all sectors involved, encouraging a holistic approach to global health.

👉 Leveraging Digital Technologies: The event recognized the potential of digital technologies in enhancing communication, data and knowledge-sharing around One Sustainable Health, thereby facilitating global collaboration.

The One Sustainable Health approach, though age-old in conception, now stands at the cusp of transformative action. The establishment of a One Sustainable Health Institute initiated by Europe is envisioned as a catalyst to unify solutions and elevate them to the forefront of the political agenda.


Tackling One Sustainable Health Challenges – Facing Health, Environmental and Social Issues Together

Our session “Tackling One sustainable Health challenges” co-organized by The Lancet One Health Commission and One Sustainable Health Forum came to an end with some concrete recommendations on how to implement the One Health approach :

👉 The communities must be at the center of the decisions (Dr. Awa Marie Coll Seck, Minister of State to the President, Senegal)
👉 Work on deep prevention is a key aspect of the One Health approach (Dr. Andrea Winkler, Co-chair of The Lancet One Health Commission, Germany)
👉 Increase the community resilience and encourage collaboration between NGO’s, private sector, scientists and government (Runa Khan Founder and Executive Director of Friendship, Bangladesh)
👉 Convince the economists and policy makers. Committing to One Health is a political decision (Maria de Lourdes Aguiar Oliveira, Vice President Research, Fiocruz, Brazil)
👉 Reoriente the tax systems and the subsidies, listen to the One Health/Planetary Health communities to know what are the priorities in financing (Agnes Soucat, Director of Health and Social Protection, Agence Française de Développement, France)
👉 Develop a new mindset with more integrative way of collaborating on transdiciplinary issues (Benoît Miribel, Secretary-General of One Sustainable Health for All Foundation)
👉 Focus on education and green equity. Encouraging life long learning (John Amuasi,
Co-chair of The Lancet One Health Commission, Ghana)


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One Sustainable Health in Stockholm

Save the Date: 09/02 from 2pm to 4-15pm.

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Intervention OSH forum à l’hôtel de ville de Lyon mardi 10 janvier

Le mardi 10 janvier 2023, a été signé à Lyon le Contrat local de santé (CLS). Ce contrat incarne une dimension de la politique régionale de santé et a pour objectif de soutenir les dynamiques locales de santé sur les territoires urbains et ruraux.

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L'Agence Française de Développement (AFD) devient partenaire de la Fondation "Une santé durable pour tous" pour soutenir le développement de l'OSH Forum ! 

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OSH Forum conference - 8 february 2022

"Building European Health Union - Taking Global Responsibilities !"

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The World Health Summit : the Replay

october 24th 2021

The Replay - Click Here

The One Sustainable Health Forum, an initiative of the One Sustainable Health for All Foundation under the aegis of the Bullukian Foundation, organized a session entitled “Innovative One Health policy and governance for pandemic prevention”, hosted by the French Embassy of Germany in Berlin, as part of the World Health Summit 2021 in Berlin.

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Épidémies et environnement : comment sortir des crises sanitaires

Le nombre d’épidémies de maladies infectieuses n’a cessé d’augmenter ces dernières décennies en lien avec les changements planétaires globaux. Pour interrompre ce cycle, le développement agronomique doit concilier des objectifs de résilience écologique, sociale et sanitaire.

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